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A look back to challenging year 2021

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

Event Managers by now had become familiar with the predicaments being created due to unpredictable regulatory trend of Covid Restrictions. However, considering the fact that we must secure and bestow the funds to keep the fire alive in our kitchens; this phase asked the fraternity to get out of the comfort zone of your work strategies & make arduous planning like never before. Strategizing the same was the riddle even to the wiser heads. It surely tested our endurance, toughness & awakened the warrior in all of us. Hence the optimistic & driven minds of our team decided to meet head-to-head to the crisis. #nogutsnoglory #manup #warriorroars

Meanwhile, it was never about the severity & intensity of the covid variant at root level but the Rules & regulations put by the concerned governing bodies which had the abysmal impact on the policies of Renowned Corporate groups to have the events. Moreover, it resulted into subdued sentiments of the individual clients considering the odds of respective events getting cancelled due to revised regulations having aftermaths in the form of financial losses & obviously the covid spread. #fear #coldsentiments #premise

No wonder, first 3 months of this year, we confronted the epidemic of memorable slack in the events’ industry; where service companies including ours delivered the efforts in most unique manner ever done before(changing product baskets, changing target domains, changing marketing platforms, changing sales strategies & what not) which somehow went our way if we may say so. #battlebegins #teamwork #deliverance

Next 3 months were no more different with such unsusceptible premise of Clients’ Sentiments. We majorly noticed small scale work from individuals which got supported by corporate readiness for Virtual Activities which helped the players like us to have some rolling money and diluted the catastrophe to some extent. #patienceisthekey #holdontoit

It was the 3rd Quarter of this year in which gears were shifted and people showed their inclination towards spending on the entertainment and creative aspect of the events, thankfully due to no restrictions and regulations during this period. The covid spread according to the figures and analysis (if assumed to be correct) also got reduced and this was the phase which was going to help us derive and estimate the coming last quarter along with the platform & the tone it sets for the Next calendar year. In this quarter, we managed to secure abundant business through our expertise in the concerned fields which considerably relieved the tension off the gruesome situation lately. #gearshift #anticipatinggoodtimes

Finally, in the last quarter, more than expected, we and the event industry as a whole had so much of work to do as the companies managed to attain their flow state based on the Market potential for inquiries and their resources which resulted in the smooth bootstrapping out of this slack now. This was the phase which summoned the confidence & rose hope to flourish again and gave the sense of the end of the pandemic in a way. Let us enter with the warrior attitude in the coming calendar year. Let us embrace & conquer whatever is put forward in our fate. #wedidit #readyforsurprises #newyearchallenges

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