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Get the office culture going!

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

According to a Duke University study, habits rather than conscious choices account for 40% of one's behavior. The Power of Habit author and award-winning business reporter Charles Duhigg says, "Without habit loops, our brains would shut down, overwhelmed by the minutiae of daily life." What does habit have to do with the workplace in a post-pandemic world? Employees have developed the new habit of working from home since the pandemic.

Employees experience loss more strongly than gain, according to behavioral scientist and leadership workforce strategist Erin Merideth. For many workers, getting the call to come back to work means losing their freedom and sense of well-being. Therefore, using coercion, threats, or other fear-based methods to persuade employees to return is not a good strategy for motivating and energizing your workforce.

Positive reinforcement says Duhigg, "works much better than negative in almost every situation", particularly in tumultuous and uncertain times. To encourage staff to come back to work, leaders should develop a compelling "why." Showing concern by paying attention to what employees are saying and demonstrating this through company events that reignite the team spirit is one way to do it.

Creating a welcoming environment with varying events like teambuilding corporate events, annual day celebrations, etc., and reviving the bond between employees as well as their relationship with the company is a non-intimidating route to get office life going. When everyone is removed from the office setting, observe how everything changes. People are accustomed to acting a certain way in particular circumstances. Such events can help a person learn a lot about themselves in a new setting. An employee and manager who only converse in meetings find they have a lot in common. Two people who have worked on multiple projects together learn they share a lot of hobbies.

When professional relationships are created in an environment where strictly business-related conversation is not required, they are simple to develop. Everyone returning to work from a corporate event can do so with new acquaintances and knowledge. Building such interpersonal relationships makes the workplace a part of the employee's life that encapsulates their acquaintances and interesting conversations along with work.

We at Panamera, as event managers, create entertainment experiences that foster interpersonal relationships and boost team morale while acting as a catalyst to create a motivational atmosphere. Our events aid the company to display appreciation in ways that boost employee loyalty and retention which in turn act as building blocks towards employee job satisfaction.

For an organization’s Human Resource professionals trying to boost productivity and bring back the office work culture the ideal way forward without ruffling too many feathers does seem to be through bond building. Panamera, the best event management company in Pune, creates unique and custom events with activities that help you achieve your desired results. We provide solutions that not only help resolve current concerns but also aid in harmonizing a perfect environment for your organization to attain your cherished goals and work towards the holistic development of your brand!

Regards #Team Panamera

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