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{Solid Kick off to FY 22-23}

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

After tedious patience for more than a couple of years, we might say that we embarked on the growing wave of colossal work generation in the market.

Being the witness of this mental–financial roller coaster, we hereby wish to share our experience of embracing again the good old days wholeheartedly.

Here’s how the situation overall shifted palpably in our fortune.

New FY Kick-off: -

I guess it was the time to redeem the fruits of all the efforts we were taking meanwhile when nothing seemed to move and advance in our favor. But our sincere and consistent efforts resulted in the massive lead generation in April and onwards. No sooner did we were flooded with the diverse inquiries, than we started to plan out for their execution. No matter how challenging; it was nevertheless the most excited phase of ours. We had to meticulously plan for the simultaneous Event flows at different locations in PAN India.

Gradually things started falling into place, and in no time, we were all over the place, like we were into weddings, corporate events, and drum circles happening all across the nation. It was the phase where resources were arduously managed but none of the opportunities were lost.

Highlights of 1st Quarter: -

We managed to secure the Multi-city Project for Drum Circle Venture for a Product Launch all across the nation i.e. in 8 respective cities for product launch. It was after 3 years we were doing a big Project of this scale where we had to deliver more than our capability no matter what. Soon the core team meetings were called for, the team was finalized, the itinerary was designed with the least hassle, and bang on; we were ready to rock the season. In April, we secured the cities of Pune- Hyderabad- Bangalore – Chandigarh followed by Indore-Nagpur-Udaipur-Kolkata in May. we Also showed our presence in wedding ventures by doing vibrant sessions in Hyderabad, Delhi & Agra. Moreover, parallel Drum Circles were happening in Pune in a handsome amount. Thus cumulatively, we crossed our 1st quarter target for Drum Circle quite easily equaling our previous record of "45 drum circles in 90 days."

While rocking in the drum circle venture in this quarter; we could also multitask efficiently resulting in the abundant event closures of Corporate as well as private events followed by their smooth executions giving clients the required experience and satisfaction.

Event Forecasting:-

All in all this quarter has given us a tremendous amount of work wherein we had to push our working limits as the season bounced back crazily as quite anticipated.

We were proud to have realized through our last quarter figures which were exceptional in which we did 43 Drum Circles & 12 Corporate Events i.e. Total of 55 events spread across all the nation. It means we were doing an event every alternate day over this quarter.

In closing, we would like to express our gratitude to all our clients and we are aware that we are bound to give them more enriched experiences event after event. We wish that the surrounding situation doesn't degrade again we would get most of the returns of our efforts. We hereby look forward to an Exceptional 2nd quarter and accomplish more records as the even more grown and experienced organization.

We are always there to add value to your organizations and would be glad to become your event partners.

Are you ready to give it a chance..? Regards #Team Panamera

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