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Upwards & Onwards to Offsite Events!

Many businesses are looking for ways to boost morale and strengthen relationships among employees after a long year of juggling periods of working from home and working from the office. Teams have lots of fantastic opportunities to do that at corporate events, including leadership planning meetings, family days, corporate retreats, and off-site celebrations.

Offsites are increasingly important as a tool for fostering corporate culture and team building as work becomes more distributed and flexible. Offsites, once considered a nice-to-have, are now a crucial opportunity for coworkers to meet up in person. In fact, since before the global pandemic, the popularity of offsites as the main reason for a trip has nearly doubled!

Teams desire and require in-person meetings. That does not imply that the 9 to 5 office model is the only way to achieve that. Offsite meetings are one of the most effective ways for many distributed teams to connect individuals face-to-face, as they are for many distributed teams across industries and nations. Even for the ones that work together on a daily basis, getting out of the office and outside the city can have a significant impact on the employees and the bottom line.

Offsite gatherings give your team the time and environment they need to think strategically, which they never seem to have time for. It's time to move your team outside of the office and collaborate in a different way when you want — no, NEED — to delve deeper into the core issues that no longer seem optional for success.

Similar to creative thinking, strategic thinking can greatly benefit from a change in environment. Getting out of the office and into a neutral space can help, especially when the teams need to delve into their quarterly plan or the strategies for the year's biggest project, for example.

Let’s consider it in this manner, both teamwork and focus are needed when developing a crucial strategy. Numerous interruptions can occur in a traditional office setting, from colleagues dropping by to say hello to other meetings that are scheduled during the day. Strategic meetings using video conferencing tools can become tiresome if you work from home. However, a specific amount of time can be set aside during a team offsite to focus solely on the core topics at hand and the team. No enticements. It's the ideal environment for putting everything else aside and focusing on the project.

An offsite is also a tonne of fun, even putting productivity, creativity, strategy, and team building aside. A few times a year, injecting a little humor will help your staff feel re-energized and valued.

Offsites are an exciting & fun way to get out of town, and they're a nice "break" from the daily grind, but they're also crucial for the culture and future development of an organization. Offsites offer a valuable opportunity to demonstrate where the company’s priorities lie: with the people and the vision decided for the future, whether they include the finance team, the entire company, or just the leadership team. The only issue now, is when are you planning your next offsite?

Regards #Team Panamera

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