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Updated: Feb 23, 2022

We are standing on the edge of yet another pandemic financial year. Going through it, was completely unlike our regular business practices and work schedules as an Event Management Company. Thus, there are many things we missed during delivering services and executing the events. Today we wish to express about such activities through this current events blog.

Big events are like festivals for mid-scale event management companies in pune like us. The event kick-off meetings for resources management, work scope allotment, tech design – production design, planning the itinerary used to happen at our office only. Having a soothing melodious song in the background accompanied by a good strong coffee by our colleague would create a fantastic ambiance. The meetings were followed by the exciting duty of sourcing i.e. going to the market and looking for suitable items for the event & also to get updated about new items. The process becomes even more interesting when we come up with tech-designed layouts as well as the production-designed in-house props with our creative heads. Moreover, being an event management company with expertise in musical shows & curation, we considered the entertainment part as one of the impactful aspects of the whole package. How would be the execution done smoothly without competent manpower? So the immediate necessary action would be nothing but to get the competent freelancers to whom all the premise of the work would then be conveyed, ensuring the Power-packed team for delivering the satisfactory experience to the client. This would certainly create the perfect platform for the event preparation as almost every team member used to get together for the tasks ahead of us.

After all of that, this planning was then up for execution. Execution is always a challenging task but with lots of fun and new experiences & if it is an outstation event, that too with a bigger team then it is undoubtedly the exciting time of the entire process. Timely completing all the myriad tasks, the whole night setups, decor- catering – logistics-hospitality and what not. Amongst all these, taking good care of the team, vendors are just like being the parent of an event & event team. Of course, how can we not say about the real stuff happening in the rooms? The battle of wits, late-night storytelling, late-night jams, the chain reaction of funny incidents, and a little sprinkle of gossip. These behind the scenes are the most memorable and unique things we are missing now.

Cut to the pandemic time events. It was an opposite scenario and demanded a different approach to handle all these aspects for event managers. Starting with the meetings which firstly happened on the virtual platform. Furthermore, the restrictions like social distancing, capacity limitations, and all the scrutiny on the attendees on event venue made the environment less surreal and quite de-motivating in a way, we must say. It made all of us give a thought about this situation deeply and anticipate the current market trend accordingly. However, considering this entire subdued atmosphere, it tested our commitment to the profession. Ultimately, if at all this pandemic has gifted us anything, it is the situation that made us push our limits and challenges that helped us strengthen our identity as Event Managers. Thus without letting the emotional, mental rollercoaster affect the Event flow, we kept on delivering with our best effort hoping for this phase to end as well.

Eventually, the Pandemic phase seems to diminish slowly, where new variants are comparatively less fatal than previous ones adding to the fact that most of the citizens are now vaccinated with 2 Covid Doses. People have started opting for in-person events again. The sentiments are again started inclining towards spending a good budget on big fat weddings and grand corporate events. All in all looks like a good tone set for the next financial year 2022-23 to Kick start with the bang.

This phase has immensely taught us to handle Boredom, understanding the relationship with our pain with a new deep perspective. Also, it taught us the unlearning of the undesirable behaviors and patterns in work schedule, finances, sourcing & spending. This phase will be remembered as both the “Unwanted yet required” category whenever we will dwell on the subject after a few years of normal outside conditions


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