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Vaibhav Deo

The Development Tycoon

An event manager by profession and a theatre and music enthusiast, he uses his rhythm to develop and fine-tune plans for the company’s development and his dramatic charm and the ease with which he conducts himself in the limelight adds to his skills as an on-field facilitator and as a partner of the company.

Tushar Atre

The Corporate Wizard

The designated best coffee-maker in the office, a lover of cars, and a wizard with money, he is our man for all things financial. He takes care of the accounts to make sure that the company’s profit graph (and all of our bank balances) keep on going up. With previous experience in marketing and event management, he is also our main man for organising and executing corporate events.

Tushar Atre.jpg

Nikhil Chandorkar

The communications centre

A mechanical engineer who shifted his gears into this industry, he is our contact building machine who brings in and coordinates with our clients. He’s also an on-field executive for maintaining a channel of communication to ensure a seamless and dynamic flow of the planned events.

Siddhant Hingmire

The creative powerhouse

He is our multi-talented, know-it-all - he’s an actor, a dancer, well versed with computer sciences, and an event manager. He is the creative and social media head and also an on-field executive to manage and fixes any issues, when and if they arise. If there is any problem, he is our one-stop solution.


Varun Vishvesh

The operations chief

A teacher, a gamer, and a music junkie, with a degree in Hotel Management, he sure has a taste for the unique yet sophisticated. He plays an important role as a drum circle facilitator and is also in charge of closing deals with clients and mapping out event plans for our drum circles.

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