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11 Years of Experience Driving Excellence!

We began in 2011 with youthful ideals and a grand vision... since then, we have grown rapidly & gained extensive experience, knowledge, and wisdom that came from working in the field as we started and grew a company from the ground up. In the past 11 years we’ve not only learned a lot about the industry and the technical aspects of running a business but also about people, the need to connect and a yearning for togetherness is so central to the idea of being a human.

Our journey & its teachings have compelled us to be more than solely an event management company. We strive to create memories & experiences that people reminisce about time & time again. It is a vision for excellence with the backing of a solid 11 years of experience.

It is important for us to take all that we’ve gained & experienced till date into the new decade with vigor & determination. Growing from a small company to a multi-venture brand recognized for its work has been a dream. A dream that came into being but not without its hiccups we’d say, the pandemic & the lockdown was a time of hardship but we’ve as a nation and people of the world overcome that obstacle. Since the pandemic though we’ve noticed a renewed enthusiasm within people to be together & interact.

With our varied skill set & capabilities, we can without a doubt make all your event dreams a reality. We work by combining and overlapping the knowledge and concepts from all the fields we work in & thus were able to develop concepts that are wholly original, completely novel, and unmatched. This passion for innovation has led us to these 4 ventures:

● Panamera Corporates:

We have collaborated with various corporations to plan a variety of events for numerous national and international organizations.

We began modestly by facilitating conferences and seminars for businesses and organizations, but we quickly expanded to assist major players in planning sizable exhibitions, brand debuts, and product launches.

● Panamera Weddings:

We have been a part of planning & executing this joyous occasion for couples for a number of years and have since transformed it into a full-fledged stand-alone operation. Our aim is to meet all your wedding planning needs under one roof. We take care of everything from the decorations and ambiance to the food and logistics, allowing you to enjoy the wedding and create lasting memories without having to worry about anything.

● Panamera Productions:

We have been a leader in the music production and artist management field for a number of years. Our expertise is in band curations for events and performances along with ideation. In accordance with the requirements of our clientele, We are skilled at curating customized performances that are appropriate for the events additionally. Additionally, we specialize in selecting performances with a variety of themes and genres.

● Innovent Drum Circles:

An extremely talented and dynamic team with over 40 years of combined experience in interactive, musical, and corporate events make up Panamera's Innovent Drum Circles venture. We travel across the nation to bring you the singular experience of composing rhythm and music and establishing a lovely bond with everyone who participates in it. With or without musical training, anyone can participate in this universal language activity.

So come join us in our 11-year celebration as we embrace our future with open arms & headstrong determination! Regards #Team Panamera

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Janak Vadgama
Janak Vadgama
Dec 19, 2022

Congratulations team !! May every new year take you above and beyond your goals. Wishing you all the very best!

Replying to

Thank you very much. This means a lot. Thanks for everything you have been doing.

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